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The process of converting CDs to MP3 format is called “ripping”. We use highly specialized software and hardware to execute the ripping process.You can’t put 700 CDs in your pocket, but you can store your entire music collection on one MP3 player once the music has been converted. 

To begin, count your CDs and place your order. Arizona Rips will send you empty spindles to hold your entire collection. A return label will be sent to you along with the spindles and shipping box. Simply load your CDs onto the spindles, label side up, seal the box and ship it.  Remember to include a hard drive for the storage of your new MP3 music library.  As a rule of thumb, each 100 CDs will produce approximately 8 to 9 GB of MP3 files.

We have successfully converted thousands of songs into MP3 format.  You may upload your music to any music platform with which you are familiar.

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Arizona Rips converts each of your CDs using special hardware and software into MP3 format.  You can upload your collection to any of several music programs, such as iTunes.  Arizona Rips will return your new digital music library along with your original CDs. Keep them as a back up.  For orders of 300 or more, please provide an external hard drive with the order.  Your MP3s will be loaded onto the hard drive and returned to you.  It is not legal to have copies of music that you do not own, so it is not wise to dispose of your original CDs. You just don’t need to ever handle them again!

You are now ready to enjoy your entire music library, in any order you want, from any CD you want and never have to handle a CD again.

Turnaround time depends on the number of CDs you submit.  Realistically, a 400 CD order takes two days in house.  Shipping times will vary depending on where you are located.

UPS ground is the standard shipping method.  A small handling fee is added to each order to cover the cost of shipping supplies and insurance.  There are a total of three trips.

  • Enjoy your entire music collection any time, anywhere: at home, while you travel, exercise, work. 
  • Create mixes and play-lists of hundreds of songs that play for hours without ever having to reload. Never touch a CD again.
  • Create your own “best of” albums of your favorite artists.
  • Be your own DJ at your next party. Stream your music from your computer to your living room stereo using something like an Apple Airport Express. Control it remotely from the party.

As our name indicates, we are based in Arizona but do business everywhere that UPS will deliver. We are excited to serve you and hope you will enjoy your new found digital music freedom!

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