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Arizona Rips did a great job helping me get started with a music system for my office. We took all of my CD’s, all together about 700 CD’s, ripped the whole bunch, and put them on a little 160 Gig portable drive with DVD backups.

Now I can pick and choose what I want to hear on my office music systems.  I am an orthodontist and selecting and screening what is coming through the office music system has been a CONSTANT PROBLEM FOR YEARS.  We already had computers all over the office, I-tunes was free, so for about $13.00 for a Y-jack and a couple of cables over to the amplifier/tuners that we already had, WE WERE IN BUSINESS. In fact I liked it so well I put in THREE systems for different parts of the office.  Using the portable drive to load the host computers I can even decide what music goes where.

Dentists and Orthodontists:  please contact me at   or  and I will tell you more about this special service.

Clark L. Jones, Phoenix, Arizona

“Carol: Thanks for your most professional, honest, and speedy service!  If I had tried to convert the files myself in my “spare” time, it would have taken a year….and that’s IF I even completed the task at home!-

Ken; Rhode Island”

This is my second time utilizing Carol  and “Arizona Rips” for the digitizing of all my CD’s.  The first round we gave my parents a Xmas gift by getting all their CD’s burned and on to iTUNES (and teaching them how to use it).   This summer, I lugged all my own CD’s from Beijing, China (where I’ve lived/worked for past 4 years) to Florida and sent them to Carol for ripping.  She got it done and back to me within 3 days!!!!  Now all is done and ready for me to bring back to Beijing and load on to my PC and iTUNES!   Great, easy, and super attentive/responsive…I’m recommending Carol’s service to all my friends.

Stephanie H.  Jacksonville, Fla

Carol went above and beyond in customer service.  She was even able to get all my CDs ripped in one day.  I highly recommend Arizona Rips.

Dennis – Miami


I have been very pleased with your service, both in terms of quality of product (well organized, easy to work with) and dealing directly with you.  You have been very professional and have gone out of your way to make it easy for me to both drop off my CDs and to pick them up again.  I have already mentioned your service to a few friends who are thinking about converting their music libraries, and I have told them that I would gladly recommend you.

Tim W.  Phoenix, AZ

To all:

I recently had the pleasure to work with Carol after I purchased my new

Ipod. Her customer service was excellent. She made arrangements to

meet me and pick up my CD’s and her turnaround time was exceptionally

fast. Her services saved me countless hours of downloading music and

was certainly worth her reasonable rates. I would definitely recommend

using Carol and her company for ripping CD’s.


A very satisfied customer.



Carol Gray and Arizona Rips was a fantastic find!

After getting very poor customer service from Loadprong and other vendors, it was so refreshing to  call Arizona Rips and speak to Carol personally.  As we were digitizing my parents’ CD library as a Christmas gift, we were in a  rush.  Carol was extremely flexible in offering us timing shortcuts and  in returning our 400 CD’s back in less than 2 days and she was quick to  answer all our questions as we uploaded.  Great and fast service.

I will definitely suggest Arizona Rips to friends.

Stephanie H.  Jacksonville, Fla

Arizona Rips was not only reasonably priced but fast.  I wanted to get my husband’s 650 CD collection converted as an anniversary gift. I only had 1 week to get all 650 CDs converted.  I got them back only 4 days from the day I mailed them.  Carol understood how important of a gift this was. My main concern was using a website, sending my CDs out of state and getting them back.  After talking to her I felt at ease and certain she was a professional.  I am recommending her to everyone I know!

Aimee P – California


Thank you for your help with our recent project.  Your attention to detail and commitment to excellence is refreshing in today’s business climate.  You were able to accommodate our unique format requirements, turn the project around fast, and do it all on very short notice. Amazing!  We look forward to using your service again, and can highly recommend it to others.

“This is the best idea ever! I had a ton of CD’s piled up in my closet with no time to  rip them to my computer. I just sent them to Arizona Rips, and voila, I now have total control over my music collection. Thanks!”   Misty T.  Phoenix, Arizona

Thanks again for a fabulous job. Everything worked out great.   Charlie G.  New York

Arizona Rips has super fast and personalized service, provides excellent communication, guarantees its work, and is reasonably priced.  The best in the business.     Gary G.   in Maryland

Arizona Rips digitized our entire 30,000 song music library.  They provided us with highly personalized service, extremely fast turnaround, and a music database that met our exact needs.   The staff at Arizona Rips were very professional, knowledgeable and provided invaluable assistance to us in making the transition to digital music age.  I highly recommend Arizona Rips to anyone interested in digitizing their compact disc music library.

Dennis Holcomb, Owner   Sound Express Professional Disc Jockey Service  Santa Barbara, California

Fast, efficient, professional, personal.  I will definitely be a repeat customer.  DJ  Billy J.    Phoenix, Arizona


Great job on these rips! Great sound. Thanks for going above and beyond!  You could have charged more.     Cliff Pulliam  Davidsonville, MD

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