Rising Republican Party star Paul Ryan wants to embody change

After Ann Romney, responsible for seducing women, the Republican convention heard, Wednesday, August 29, Paul Ryan, the man on whom Mitt Romney is counting to erode the lead of Barack Obama among young people.At 42 years old, the candidate for The vice-presidency has the air of a young premier and the ardor of a beginner.On stage, he has fun, proud of his effects.But he also knows how to keep the room in suspense as when, in an inspired tone, he speaks about life and the "goodness" it conceals.Honey in the ears of pro-life activists.

Or when he introduces himself as the kid of Janesville, the Wisconsin town where he continues to live in the block where he grew up."My father, a small town lawyer, also went by Paul's first name." Unlike Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan is fluent in the language of rural America, that of work and effort.That of small businesses, and behind every business, every barbershop, "there is a story," says -he.

A story comparable to that of his mother who, widowed at 50, took the bus every morning to go back to school."Even today, my mother is my model", he says, wiping a tear.while the audience applauds Betty Ryan, the mother, and an activist waves her hat, shouting: "God Bless yooooouuuuu ..."

Paul Ryan has been in Congress for fourteen years.This does not prevent him from pointing out that an "entire generation" separates him from Mitt Romney, 65.Proof of this is that the music on the candidate's iPod the presidency is particularly tasteless: the kind of songs you hear in "hotel elevators." He declined his new boss's offer to use the same ones."My playlist starts with AC/DC and ends with Led Zeppelin ", he warned.

Posted Date: 2020-12-05

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