AirPods and Apple Watch, Apple’s new iPods

Before the iPhone, the iPod was a strong and indisputable marker of Apple’s market revival and its ability to make its mark in consumer portable electronics. Today, the Apple Watch and AirPods, each at its own pace, are becoming Apple’s new iPods”, but there are still Apple’s refurbished (remanufactured) products that are sold in specialist stores or online.

First observation, simple, patience is a virtue for those who want AirPods Pro very quickly at the end of the year. The Apple Store is expecting you at the end of January. Its shops are better stocked, but the available parts are flying away quickly and there are no Apple Blinds on every street corner. In the other stores the deadlines are also tight. This reminds us of the difficult launch of the first generation, at the end of 2016, except that the price has soared by 100 $. Even not bad for the demand.

Given the number of AirPods we see every day and, to some extent, the number of Apple Watches, it’s hard to dispute their success, but that’s not enough to measure it precisely.Apple no longer gives any indication of the volumes sold, apart from the turnover of its “Wearables & Home” catch-all category, which includes watches, headphones, HomePod, Apple TV, iPod touch and Beats products.

Tim Cook, last January, sowed a few stones by stating that the respective sales figures of the Apple Watch and AirPods had each surpassed that of the iPod at the time of its peak.

For Horace Dediu, it was in the fourth quarter of 2018 that Apple Watch sales (4.2 billion dollars) took the ascendancy over the strongest quarter for the iPod, at the very end of 2007 (4 billion dollars according to the official figure at the time).

According to Dediu, AirPods are expected to reach this iPod milestone in the next quarter, with sales of around 5.2 billion for the watch and 4 billion for Apple’s wireless headphones alone. Two families that do as much or even better than the iPod at its zenith!

Another interesting remark from the analyst, these two natural companions of an iPhone are an opportunity for a customer to spend at least $550 more on equipment, which means that after selling a smartphone, there’s plenty of room for Apple to make the customer spend the equivalent of the price of a nice iPhone from a few years ago…

Viewed individually, the Apple Watch and AirPods can be considered gadgets or remain underestimated in the face of the totem that the iPhone has become. Like the iPod in its day, they have actually become two full-fledged locomotives for Apple’s AC, in a category that now surpasses those of the Mac and iPad.

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