Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Just think of it:

  • Freedom from the physical constraints of CDs.
  • Freedom to creatively control your own music.
  • Freedom to take all your music anywhere and listen to it anytime.

Arizona Rips helps you easily transition to the digital music age so you can experience that freedom.

With your CD collection converted, you can create great play lists for the gym, hiking, driving, parties and just relaxing. You will rediscover music you haven’t heard in years. Where is that old Harry James CD anyway? You will happily find it as you upload your newly converted, entire collection to your computer.

Imagine driving across the country, listening to your CD collection through your MP3 car stereo system, and not having to listen to the same song twice. In fact, with an MP3 Player holding 700 CDs you could cross the country 10 times before repeating a song. The digital music revolution places your music in the palm of your hand, allowing you to take your music

  • To the beach
  • To the gym
  • On a plane
  • Or through your home stereo

It is amazing to think that digital technology allows us to hold up to 700 CDs in our back pocket. To put this in perspective, a stack of 700 CDs in their jewel cases would reach 23 feet and weigh 87 lbs.

You can’t put 700 CDs in your pocket, but you can store your entire music collection on one MP3 player. Then, plug it into your car stereo, home stereo, powered speakers or just put the headphones on.

Once a CD collection is digitized and organized by artist, album, and genre, it is effortless to control and organize. Gone are the days of searching through stacks of CDs during a party to find a particular song. MP3 search is instantaneous at the touch of a button, playlists can be generated on the fly, or songs can be organized along genre lines.

Enjoy your entire music collection any time, anywhere: at home, while you travel, exercise, work.

Get rid of those hideous CD towers and put all of your music on one sleek iPod or other MP3 player of your choice.

Keep your music collection organized perfectly by artist, album, genre or any combination you can dream up.

Create mixes and play-lists of hundreds of songs that play for hours without ever having to reload. Never touch a CD again.  Keep your CDs as a backup.

Create your own “best of” albums of your favorite artists.

Be your own DJ at your next party. Stream your music from your computer to your living room stereo using a device like an Apple Airport Express. Control it remotely from the party.

Play your entire music collection over your car stereo.  Drive from coast to coast and never hear the same song twice, and never hear a commercial!  Only hear the music you want to hear:  your music, your way!!

The thought of ripping 20 years of your favorite tunes yourself is mind boggling. Thinking about ripping your own music collection? Think again! At six CDs an hour for an hour a day, it will take you weeks, even months. Can you afford that time? How much is your time worth? Can you afford to pay Arizona Rips $1.00 per CD to do the tedious work for you? Of course!

Pack up your entire CD collection in half an hour on our special spindles and ship it off to Arizona Rips.

Arizona Rips returns your entire CD collection on data DVDs for easy uploading onto your computer.

If you want to send us your external hard drive (shipping and insurance at your expense) we will return your music collection already loaded and ready for you to enjoy. The hard drive needs to be formatted in FAT 32 so that either a Mac or a PC can recognize it.

The MP3 file format is the only standard supported by all media devices (e.g., Apple’s iPod, Creative’s Nomad, Dell’s DJ, Gateway’s Jukebox) and software players (e.g., Apple iTunes and MusicMatch).

In addition to file format, bit rate is another factor in determining the format of your digital music. The bit rate affects both the sound quality and the size of each file. The higher the bit rate, the better the sound quality and in turn the larger the file size. Arizona Rips standard conversion is MP3 192 kbps CBR which provides a superior sound quality.

Arizona Rips converts each of your CDs using special hardware and software into MP3 format. You can upload your collection to any of several music programs; like iTunes or MusicMatch, for example.

The transition to the new mobile digital age parallels the transition from vinyl records to CDs in the sense that billions of dollars of music is trapped in the older format. CDs can be converted to MP3s through a process known as “ripping,” but ripping is tedious, time consuming, and requires special technical knowledge and equipment. Arizona Rips offers a fast, reliable, high quality approach to converting audio CDs into organized MP3 digital libraries that can be uploaded onto any iPod, MP3 player, or computer. Our goal is to help you easily and affordably transition to this exciting, new musical age.

Arizona Rips strives at all times to comply with U.S. and international copyright law, as well as any other applicable proprietary rights laws worldwide. For this reason, Arizona Rips cannot and will not accept for processing any CDs that are not owned by you, that are not original (such as copied or counterfeited CDs), or that contain copy-protection technology. The digital music library products are intended solely for your personal use. Arizona Rips is not responsible for any unauthorized reproduction, distribution or other illegal use of the digital music library product by you or any other party.

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